Australians have to put in a lot of time and effort to maintain their beauty. They spend a lot of money on products like retinol and graphic liners, go for regular treatments, and also spend a lot of time creating the perfect look. There are so many trends in beauty today.

Here are some of the top beauty trends that you might want to follow. Read on to learn more! 


Ombre is a popular hair colour trend. It starts with lighter shades of the hue at the root, and gradually becomes darker towards the ends.

The beauty trend has gone through many iterations, from grunge to glam.

You might want to consider this trend after seeing the latest ombre looks in magazines and stores. 

Spa treatments

A spa treatment is one of the most rewarding, relaxing, and refreshing personal care services offered today. The word "spa" comes from a Latin word meaning "to cleanse and refresh with water." A spa day starts with an invitation to unwind in a relaxing environment.

It can be hard to find time for self-care these days. We are all so busy living life and going from one task to another that it can be difficult to stop and take care of ourselves. Day spas are an excellent way to enjoy some much needed stress relief, health benefits, and rejuvenation!


Retinol is one of the most popular trends on Instagram, TikTok, and Google searches in 2022, which is all about skincare. While vitamin A derivatives have been used for many years, retinoids have recently gained popularity. Retinol is now a common ingredient in serums and creams.

The ingredient's effects may change from person to person, but advantages include the improvement of collagen production, the reduction of blemishes, and the treatment of pigmentation problems.

Graphic liners

In 2022, consumers are moving away from basic winged eyeliner as eyeliner trends from the 1960s and 1980s resurface. 

Graphic liners are one of the most well-liked beauty trends online, and celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and Barbie Ferreira have all been wearing them.

For beginners, graphic liners are ideal because they emphasise originality and creativity over a perfectly symmetrical cat-eye appearance.

To sum it up

These beauty trends come and go. The beauty industry is so fast-paced, it can be hard to keep up. However, your local salon may offer the latest beauty trends such as ombre. You might want to check it out!

Make sure you are ready for the new season. Try new things and look your absolute best!