Co-Author: Dr. Kerry Falzon (Chiropractor)

Motherhood is unlike any other experience you’ve ever had in your life. It is fulfilling and gratifying, and sometimes scary, all at the same time! If you’re a new mum, you may be wondering what some of the latest trends are when it comes to motherhood. This article covers what I think are the latest shifts and emerging trends.

Keep on reading and I hope you enjoy the article.

1. Sustainable materials and green products

Many of us are now more focused on the health of our family AND the health of our local environment. This is why there is a movement away from disposable nappies and back to cloth.

I’m not saying it’s bad to use disposable nappies. We all know they are convenient and clean, and great when you are on the run. However cloth nappies are easy to use and reuse, affordable, and made from more sustainable and planet conscious products.

2. Taking care of your body

Having excellent support and a healthcare team or network that shares your values is very important during pregnancy and childbirth. It's a terrific place to start just by talking to other empowered mums and finding out who is in their support network. Find out what exercises they are doing, if they see any specialists or what they are doing that you aren’t.

Now when it comes to our bodies, there are many challenges common to us all during pregnancy. Healthcare practitioners and manual therapies may be able to help with prenatal and postnatal care. Common postural issues that need addressing include lower back pain during pregnancy, sciatica (nerve pain), hip pain, or other musculoskeletal health issues. You may want to consult a local family-focussed manual therapist or chiropractic clinic to see what options they provide. 

3. Trendy baby names

Baby-naming trends have long-lasting impacts, which is why it's so much fun to highlight them for their uniqueness.

What do Bear, Baby, Ziggy, Buddy, Gigi, and Honey all have in common? They're playful and entertaining, and they'll be very popular in the coming year. 

In addition to using more carefree and whimsical names, new parents are paying homage to recent National Park visits by choosing baby names like Sequoia, Reef, Zephyr, or Horizon. The love of adventure and travel has also increased recently, encouraging names such as Banyan, Capri, Bali, and Dune to the top of the popularity list. 

Why not join the trend by using one of these names inspired by travel and geography?

4. Flexercise

The trend toward "flexercise" is an excellent alternative to exercise for expecting mothers who are self-caring for two. Pinterest searches for daily stretches and nature walks have increased dramatically as low-impact exercise and more gentle ways to move your body become increasingly popular. 

Choosing your own low-key fitness program could be mom-approved, from dancing in your bedroom while the baby naps to a morning stroller walk in the park.

Babymoons have long been popular among new mothers and will reach new heights this year. Travel will become a kind of stress relief, and there is no better time to start than before your baby arrives.

Wrap up

Motherhood is the best, however it comes with its challenges.  Why not make it that much more enjoyable by embracing some of these new trends. Natural therapies, creative ways to stay fit and cute baby names are some of the latest trends we are embracing. 

Do you have any noteworthy trends you would like to share? We’d love to hear from you!

Co-Author: Dr. Kerry Falzon (Chiropractor) is the principal chiropractor and founder of Our Family Chiropractor. Kerry studied a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science degree and followed this up with a Master of Chiropractic. Kerry has a passion for natural healthcare, particularly helping her clients achieve optimal nervous system health and spinal function. Areas of clinical interest include care for pregnant women, paediatric care, newborns, mums, dads, grandparents & athletes.