Trends are an idea or style that becomes popular in a certain culture or society. They can be seen as the general direction in which a society is headed, as well as the pace at which it changes and adapts to new things. 

Trends have existed for centuries and have only been amplified by technology in recent years. Read on to find out more about some of the latest trends in the tech world! 

1. NBN

​​The National Broadband Network (NBN) in Australia is made specifically to transmit huge amounts of data over fibre optic cables.

According to NodeOne: “the nbn connects your premises to its high-speed fibre network using a variety of technology types depending on your area. Some locations are capable of up to 1000 Mbps!”

The upgrade was funded by the Federal Government because Australia's outdated copper phone lines couldn't handle how we use the internet today. A combination of fibre-optic cable, copper phone lines, fixed wireless, and satellite is used to deliver the upgraded network.

2. Autonomous driving

Autonomous driving is the next step in the evolution of motor vehicles. It is a new level of vehicle automation where the driver is not required to do any work and can do other things while the car navigates on its own.

Autonomous driving has the potential to completely change our transportation system, making it more efficient and environmentally friendly. The technology can also make our roads safer by reducing or eliminating crashes caused by human errors.

3. Data-driven policing

Data-driven policing is a strategy to reduce crime and increase public safety. Data-driven policing is the use of data and statistics to drive police work.

According to the UK Police Foundation: “By data-driven, we mean the acquisition, analysis and use of a wide variety of digitised data sources to inform decision making, improve processes, and increase actionable intelligence for all personnel within a police service, whether they be operating at the front-line or in positions of strategic leadership.”

Data-driven policing can be used to identify the most dangerous neighbourhoods in a city, track crimes by location, and identify patterns in criminal behaviour.

The idea behind data-driven policing is that cops should use data to make decisions about where to patrol or when to respond, rather than relying on intuition or hunches.

4. 5G

5G is the next generation of wireless communication that is going to offer a lot more than just speed. It will provide a high level of security, and it will be able to provide better coverage than previous generations.

This is because 5G provides better encryption and authentication methods for both data and devices. It also offers better coverage, which means that users can have reliable connections in areas where they couldn’t before, such as rural areas or inside buildings.

5. Automation 

Automation is the use of machines or processes to perform tasks, and it can be used in many different industries including manufacturing, banking, and even agriculture.

Automation can be used as a way to reduce costs and increase productivity. This is because automation reduces the need for human labour while also improving quality.

Wrapping up

Technology impacts all aspects of our lives, from how we communicate with each other and make decisions, how we spend our time, to business decisions. 

As you can see from the examples above, the tech industry is growing and continues to have a significant impact on our lives. 

What other tech trends have you heard about?